Chargers Try Not to Blow in the Windy City

20 Nov

It’s official. The Chargers suck. Just read the local newspaper. Local writers have reached a level of disillusionment equal to my own. Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union Tribune went so far as to say “they [the Chargers] stink.” Yes they do Kevin, the Chargers stink like shit. When I started this blog I could have never imagined the Chargers season would turn out this bad. Losing to the Raiders for a third consecutive time when a win at home against them would have steered the Chargers toward the playoffs is one of the most deflating sports moments I’ve ever seen. The Chargers lost 24-17 to the Raiders last Thursday night and to tell you the truth the final score makes it seem like it was closer than it even was. The truth is the Raiders beat up on the Chargers with their backup running back. Talk to any Chargers fan in person or go online to any Chargers forum and everybody wants to try and analyze what specifically is wrong with them. You’ll hear things like “Norv sucks, we need a new coach,” or “it’s not Norv’s fault Rivers has thrown so many interceptions, Rivers has to step it up.” Or perhaps a statement like “the secondary is garbage” or ” the O-line needs to protect Rivers better.”  HAHAHAHA! Don’t you people see?! This team just plain sucks. There is no quick-fix here. Trying to find the one thing that has made the Chargers such a disappointment this year is like looking at a piece of shit from multiple angles and trying to determine what quality makes it a piece of shit. It just doesn’t matter.

The funny thing is as bad as the Chargers are they technically still have a chance at making the playoffs. That’s how bad the AFC West is this year. At time of writing, The Chargers sit in third place closely behind the Raiders and Broncos. The Raiders are starting a QB that just a month ago was sitting on his couch watching football like you and me. The Broncos are starting a QB who according to almost every football expert should not be playing QB. And the Chargers are behind those teams, but not by much. The Chargers still have a game left against both the Raiders and the Broncos so there is still hope. San Diego can still be this year’s Seattle Seahawks and make the playoffs with a losing record.

Before those key games with the Broncos and Raiders the Chargers can go a long way to keep their playoff hopes alive with a with a win against the red-hot Chicago Bears. Normally I’d say the Chargers have no chance to travel to Soldier Field and beat a hard-nosed team like the Bears, but that would fail to account for how much of a douchebag Jay Cutler is. I mean just look at this fake picture of him.

Nice Pussy

Jay Cutler with his Best Friend

Philip Rivers and Jay Cutler hate each other and that’s the way I like it. Maybe, just maybe, playing Jay Cutler is what Rivers needs to light the competitive fire that seems to have been missing for him all year. It’s a stretch I know, but we’re getting desperate here.  I could go on writing more about how much the Chargers suck and are disappointing but it might be more fun to write a blog post about the fact that the sky is blue. Enjoy practicing your four-letter words while watching the game today.


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