Novak Pisses Away Golden Opportunity

5 Dec

Well Nick Novak is human after all.  Its not everyday an NFL kicker misses two opportunities to win the game for his team but I’m sure it has happened before.  What made Novak’s effort last week truly memorable was the image of him taking a tinkle on the sideline. Yes, it’s true, Novak went pee pee on the sideline before going doo doo on the field. Final score 16-13 in overtime.  The good news is the Chargers moved one loss closer to being mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.

I have a bad feeling they are going to kick the shit out of the Jags tonight though which will just keep this poor tortured little town sucked into the season for at least one more week. Worst case-scenario is they stomp the Jags tonight, ride the momentum into what initially looks to be an amazing comeback in the division standings over the next few weeks only to fall just short to the Denver Broncos.  Then, based upon the fact that the team finished strong despite their myriad injuries, Norv is offered (and takes) a three-year contract extension.  During the course of those seasons the Chargers continue to slowly regress after a slew of bad draft picks and mounting injuries to Philip Rivers.  Eventually, four or five years from now (after coaching candidates like  Bill Cowher, Jeff Fisher, and John Gruden, etc., have all signed with other teams), the Chargers are the worst team in the NFL and thus rewarded with the #1 draft pick whereupon they subsequently draft the next Ryan Leaf to be their starting quarterback for their inaugural season in Los Angeles. The oracle has spoken.


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