Loss For Words…

18 Dec
Calm in defeat...

Norv looking smug while losing another one...

Last night I sat with the laptop and stared for about an hour at a blinking cursor.  I simply could not think what to write for this post after I promised more content last week.  Perhaps I’m at a loss for words because I didn’t even see the previous game due to the black out . Perhaps I’m experiencing writer’s block because I’ve reached that comfortable level of disappointment in this Chargers season where they can’t hurt me anymore. Or maybe there are only so many immature poop jokes you can write about an underachieving football team. Either way, words seem to escape me when trying to describe my feelings about tonight’s game against the Ravens. So I figured I’ll express myself to you through the universal language of art.  I hope you enjoy my artist’s rendition of the great Norv Turner. Medium=colored pencil on printer paper with beer in my belly. I will consider parting with it if the price is right. Make me an offer, serious inquiries only…


One Response to “Loss For Words…”

  1. temec momma December 26, 2011 at 7:26 pm #

    Any offers yet? I’ll up whomever by 12 cents. That’s for the new year 2012 and hopes that in ’12 we’ll have a new coach.

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