I Don’t Even Know What I Want to Happen…

1 Jan

I  really don’t want to do this right now but I’ve successfully completed a blog post before every Chargers game this season and I don’t intend on breaking that streak right before the final game of the year. Forgive me if this one is particularly short and particularly crappy but it just kind of fits considering this game literally means nothing to the Chargers. Well, almost nothing. The Chargers were officially eliminated from playoff contention after no showing in their loss to the Lions last week (just in case you have recently awoke from a coma or you are one of those lucky people that don’t really follow the Chargers.) Yet, with a win today they can still cockblock the Raiders from playing in the playoffs. On the other hand, if the Chargers lose today that might mean the difference of being just outside the top ten in next year’s draft as opposed to being as far back as the early 20s. So it has all come down to this:  ruin New Years Day for Raiders fans everywhere or improve the long-term prospect of the team by acquiring a superior player in next year’s draft.  What a crock of shit. Peter King’s prediction of the Chargers going to this year’s Superbowl before the start of the season seems like so long ago… Here is some porno for puppy lovers to cheer you up. Notice how her eyes just scream “FEED ME!”

World's Sultriest Dog

Hard to believe she has been spayed huh?


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